The issues that matter to our community

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Safe Neighborhoods and Public Safety

Neighborhood safety is a main concern in our area. With children playing outside, neighborhood speeding and cut-through traffic is an issue because it puts children and other pedestrians in an unsafe situation. I will work to improve pedestrian and bicycle access, and decrease cut-through traffic.

This summer there have been several incidents of theft. While there are efforts that neighbors can and are doing to address the issue, like neighborhood watch, I will work to find ways to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe.


I’m an Educator and believe a good education is the foundation to a successful life. I have taught in our public schools and know we have great talent in the teachers and staff that run our schools. I believe our kids should have opportunities for success and recognize the diversity of the children we are teaching.

A strong education system is the cornerstone of our economic success and businesses are relying on having an educated workforce ready to lead Alaska. I will support education funding as a top priority in our budget.

Fiscal Responsibility

Lately, we’ve benefited from high oil revenue and have had a surplus. I believe legislators made the right decision in saving significant amounts of the surpluses we’ve had the last several years. We don’t know what the future will bring and I believe we need to plan for the future by saving, investing, and practicing fiscal responsibility.


I support the Senior Benefits Program and other social safety net programs to assist seniors on a fixed income.

Many seniors rely on Medicare for health care and unfortunately have had trouble finding doctors or clinics that will accept Medicare patients. I will work to make sure there are local clinics that accept Medicare patients.

Oil Production

I oppose the $2 billion giveaway that does not guarantee any new production. I believe we need to maximize production of our resources and reward producers for increased production. Ensuring more production will provide good family-wage jobs for Alaskans. Throwing away $2 billion per year without guaranteeing more production will endanger funding for schools, roads, and public safety.

Economic Development

We need to be innovative and work towards an economy that can be sustained long into the future. I will work hard to plan for the future and find ways to create economic opportunities for all Alaskans.

Workforce Development

I’ve been working in workforce development for over a decade. We need to make sure Alaskans are ready for the jobs of the future, from health care to building the natural gas pipeline, I am committed to good jobs for Alaskans.

Natural Gas Pipeline

The natural gas pipeline project will provide good paying jobs and clean energy for decades. This project needs to be done right so that Alaskans receive the maximum benefit, as mandated by our state constitution, for development of our natural resources. I will work hard to make sure the gas line project meets the needs of all Alaskans.


My Grandfather was a World War II Veteran and my brother a Veteran of Desert Storm. I am so proud of their sacrifice in support of our freedom and will always support those who serve our country. Many families in Alaska have been affected by the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and we need to support these families, from programs at schools for children with parents who are deployed to property tax relief for widows of Veterans, I will always honor their dedication and service to our country.

Open Government

As your representative, I will make myself available. As a candidate, you can call me anytime. My cell is 360-4047. I want to help build trust in our government and our elected officials. I worked in the legislature during the time when backdoor deals were taking place. I was opposed to that behavior then and I’m opposed to it now. It’s your government and we work for the people. Our government should be held accountable and your questions should be answered. You can count on me to keep in touch and share information.

Privacy and Constitutional Rights

I will take seriously my oath to uphold our state constitution and I respect your constitutional right to privacy. I support women's rights and equal rights for all Alaskans.

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